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Global Business Cultural Analysis: China
LaTasha Baker
GRST 500/501
Since the beginning of time when Adam and Eve left the garden, people have been increasing the geographic realm of their economics, political, social and ethnicity contacts. People begin connecting with other nationalities all of the world. This relationship provide wealth and progress along with adverse disputes within the relationship of countries (MacEwan, 2001). There are many reasons why companies covet to develop their business to other countries. There are many difficulties and a wide-range of benefits when a company expands globally outside of their cultural. When a company conduct business outside of their zone; research is required, patients, …show more content…

The Chinese tend to work alongside of distinct set of values and ideas (Ferrell, 1988). Many business practices in the county have been built upon its long history and remain anchored on its culture (Su, 2001). According to, Dimensionality of business ethics in China, “Aside from culture in general, religion and other belief systems specifically can shape business ethics (Whitcomb, 1998). For example, Chinese ethical actions can also be shape by inherent Confucian virtues such as benevolence (Wangdao, 1997).
Social Responsibilities Corporate social responsibilities are one of the most important issues that global businesses professionals may face. Nothing will cause more problems between a business relationships than if the country or even the community in which you are forming a relationship with gets the perception the company is operating in a way that may be harmful to the country. In recent years, several accidents has happen causing a numerous amount of deaths, which has generated special attention from the Chinese Central Government. In September of 2008, several large milk and formula companies in China were involved in a scandal involving the quality of milk, which was known as the “Milk Powder Scandal” or the” Infant Formula Scandal.” Several babies became sick, hospitalized and even died because of the contamination with melamine, which is an industry chemical that causes kidney stones and

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