Global Pollution : Causes And Consequences Of Global Warming

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Most scientists and climate experts believe that global warming and pollution are one of the most important issues and one of the most important issues to be discussed between countries and environmental change and all types of pollution, the temperature has increased significantly in the Earth. Firstly, the main reason in this assignment is to discuss the global warming and pollution issues and its solutions are critically argue those issues. Secondly, the impacts of global warming and pollution on the Earth, as well as the lifestyle, will be discussed. Thirdly, several solutions of those issues will be suggested to solve those problems. Finally, these solutions will be evaluated, to clarify how these current solutions can effectively reduce the global warming in terms of long-term planning. At the beginning, According to (Taylor, 2014) in the earth, there have been deniers of the environmental crisis in his office. History has no mercy on those who indulge this issue look far and will justice those who prevented the work on climate change. However, there is another points out that “The topic of global environmental change is of urgent importance today. To address planetary scale problems like climate change, biodiversity loss, or overconsumption it is important to understand the causes and consequences of human impacts on GEC. In their edited collection Human Footprints on the Global Environment “(Rosa, Diekmann, Dietz, & Jaeger, 2010, p.83)

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