Global Spending On Drug Law Enforcement Currently Exceeds

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Global spending on drug law enforcement currently exceeds one hundred billion dollars per annum. This is said to be way over the amount spent on foreign aid, global welfare, and climate change (, 2016). This is also backed up by further expenditure of about 70-80 per cent of tens of billions of cash injections from the United Nations to be spent on global drug control, through policing and military intervention, this cash is injected with the aim of eradicating drug production facilities and farms, and the prosecution and punishment of drug traffickers and farmers (Gossop, 2013). This is all spent with one intention, the intention to create a safer drug-free world (Horsfield, 2016). Taking into consideration the …show more content…

After that it costs a further £40,000 for each year they spend incarcerated (Ministry of Justice, 2015). It can thus be suggested that as it stands current global spending far exceeds its worth, or at least for the state and those in government. As comparatively, it could be argued it works very well in serving a criminal industry. An illegal industry, that is eager to supply a growing global demand for drugs, with an estimated annual turnover of $320 billion (, 2016).Therefore, despite all of these resources spent by the state, there has been little improvement towards the harms of illegal substance misuse and the global drug trade is now arguably, entirely controlled by criminal organisations, street gangs and even terrorists (Bean, 2010). It leaves you wondering, firstly, are we, as a society, going the right way in dealing with the problems of substance misuse and secondly, how has spending on the issue increased to such unsustainable amounts, often with little positive results. 3.2 The Declaration of “War” The answer to the latter question, it could be argued, is largely down to the fifty year global stance and the concept of the “War on drugs”. A cohesive stance against certain substances is not something which is new. Implemented measures can be deemed to go way back, even as far as the time of the ancient Egyptians, whereby, records dating back

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