Global Warming : A Environmentally Friendly Community And Start A Global Movement

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Nature is all around us, it’s beautiful and complex, and believe it or not, it’s dying. Environmentalists and scientists have been warning us for decades and yet, due to playing down by the media, the state of our environment has only continued to deteriorate. Ever since industrialization, our carbon footprint has grown exponentially, resulting in what we now know as global warming. If carbon emissions continue to rise and the pollution and destruction of the earth continues, life as we know it will eventually cease to exist. This is why we must stop idly watching and actively participating in the destruction of our environment; if there’s no life-sustaining environment there can be no life. It is time to take action and preserve our …show more content…

Gore describes five steps that he believes will save the environment. The first step suggested is to become totally committed to solving the environmental crisis and advocate for your planet. Committing to the environment and advocating for it is a good way to spread word and recruit people for the cause. Second, Gore urges readers to make environmentally friendly consumer choices, such as recycling and car-pooling. Making environmentally friendly consumer choices helps reduce the use of energy and natural resources, as well as the size of our carbon footprint. This is important because every little step is still a step closer to our goal of saving the planet. Third, it’s recommended to join or form an environmental group. Joining or forming an environmental group is a good idea in that it builds an environmentally friendly community. This is extremely important because a group effort will have a much larger impact on the environment than any individual will alone. Fourth, Gore says that this group must get the media’s attention, this is also very important. For decades the media has turned a blind eye to global warming and the deadly effects big industries are having on the environment. Getting the attention of the media provides global platforms from which the truth about the state of the environment can be disclosed and a larger community can come together to help save it. Lastly, Gore tells his audience not to give up on the political system. Gore

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