Global Warming And Its Effect On Ecosystems By Stimulating Reproduction

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The uses of microcosm are resourceful in giving insight into the behaviors of larger scale systems. global warming is increasing at escalating rate and could affect ecosystems. Ecosystems are a very important part of humanity as they provide us with essential services to survive. It is important to know the factors that could affect this. The use of microcosm experiments can be used to give information into how ecological communities will be affected by climate change. In this study sampled populations of the species Paramecium and Euglena were taken over 5 days at different temperatures using PCR, Microscopes, Serial dilution and spectrophotometry techniques. The results gathered form over the 5 days showed that increasing temperature over time has an effect on the microcosms, negatively and positively. This experiment proved that the increase in temperature through climate change has an effect on ecosystems by stimulating reproduction, interaction and competition.

Climate change through changes in the environment is rapidly increasing and creating a negative impact on ecological services provided from biodiversity.
Ecosystems are essential to the sustenance of humanity as they provide us with many useful services like food, energy, water and recycling. (Benton et al., 2007)

An ecosystem is made up of different types of plant and animal species which interact with each other and most importantly with their environment as one functional unit. The

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