Global Warming And Its Effects On Human Activities

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In 1938, after two industrial revolutions and the adoption of oil as a cheap form of energy, a report was made by British engineer Guy Callendar that the Earth had been getting warmer over the last century and that this rising temperature corresponded with increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air. Over the following decades, environmental scientists and researchers sought vigorously to better understand the Earth’s climate and its natural tendencies. Despite the eventual scientific consensus (reached in 1977) that global warming is a reality and that human activities are making the biggest impact, many individuals and groups continue to deny this reality and hinder the development of solutions for it. If no effective efforts are made, we will continue to see the increasingly destructive results of humanity underestimating its own impact and the fragility of the planet it so often takes for granted. For decades there have been efforts to raise awareness and understanding of human contribution to climate change, as well as movements to promote the use of eco-friendly products available to consumers and encourage lifestyle changes to civilians to reduce their personal carbon footprints, which have been embraced by many groups and individuals. However, the impact of those efforts and movements is relatively small - corporations and other large companies remain the largest contributors to climate change and environmental damage, and systems must be put in place…
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