Essay about Global Warming Is Occuring Because of Mankind's Consumption

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Global warming seemed to be a pile of malarkey. After several discussions with a professor I had my first year of college, he had explained how the two scientific experiments that prove this “science” are not repeatable! As a student who is aspiring to become a scientist, global warming claims screamed falsehoods because it breaks the scientific method. However this explanation did not prove how my hunting season is getting less snow, or how river water temperature is increasing. As I entered my sophomore year at a different college I got in debates with climate change favoring friends about the changing atmosphere and found it difficult to articulate my position when they had “facts” that my position could not debunk. My position never …show more content…

This takes three 100-car trainloads of coal a day to run. Since the world is growing, more coal will be needed to meet the electricity demands, not that there is a shortage of coal, but quit the opposite. It is estimated that a quarter trillion tons of coal lie between the Appalachian Mountains and through the Illinois Basin to the Rocky Mountains. This is enough coal to meet the electrical demands of the world for the next 250 years. But if the danger limit is in the next three decades then a cleaner form of energy is needed.
Solar energy always seemed to be good alternate because the sun is reliable and its power is astronomical. In one second the amount of solar energy that hits the earth is equivalent to an 8.0 earthquake and in one hour the sun hits the earth with enough energy to meet the demand of all energy consumption. So far in the past one hundred years humans have used two trillion barrels of oil, and in the next thirty we will use another trillion. This oil took millions of year to make. The sun, on the other hand, hits the earth with enough energy in 2 days to be equivalent to three trillion barrels of oil! Recall that the US consumes 25% of the world’s energy and only has less than 5% of the population. If America was covered in 2% solar cells it would meet the all energy means of the nation, and if covered in .3% then it would meet the electrical needs. The world needs 14 terawatts of energy per year to run.

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