Globalization And Globalization

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Since the 1500, the world has undergone tremendous change. The changes range from geography, cultural, political, and economics. Statements such as, “the rise of the West” and “the West and the rest,” are often used to describe the changes that took place in the world. For a significant amount of history, the world was ever-expanding. The more notable theme throughout history, consisted of power through conquest. However, leaders came to realize, territory was not the only way to successful sustain the life of a country, and its people. Globalization, was realization by leaders that, political relations, economic growth, and cultural adaptation was not only necessary, but dire to progression. Political relations, was a pivotal to globalization. Leaders, despite, their government structure, needed to properly utilize their relationships with other countries. The power struggle between The Ottoman Empire and The Safavid Empire, was very monumental. The dispute between the two great empires, would lead to their decline, and eventual fall. Political expansion, also, motivated by religious conflict were the central themes to conflict between the two Islamic empires, “We urge you to look into yourself, to renounce your errors, and to march towards the good with a firm and courageous step; we ask further that you give up possession of the territory violently seized from our state and to which you have only illegitimate pretensions, that you deliver it back into the hands of our
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