Goals And Goals Of My Career Goals In Clinical Psychology

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In this assigment, I will mention my feature career goals and why they are important not only for me but in order to achieve them properly in the work field . Especially,when it comes to cure disorders regarding humans. An educational knowledge, especially in clinical psychology will provide me skills to achieve a proper level as a clinical psychologists. In this assignment I will mention my career goal/paths that I have in mind as well as consider the skills I have gained so far in this module which are relevant to this career. Another worth mention reason is if we need to develop furter any current skills or build upon news in order to eligible for my career path. Keys: career goals,human disorders, clinical psychology, develop skills. …show more content…

Studying psychology is enlightening , that shows us how and why we behave as we do. Using information to help people improve their lives, can be deeply satisfying . My aim as a future clinical psychologist is to reduce distress and improve the psychological well-being of my clients. It is necessary to use psychological methods and research in order to make positive changes to my clients by making diagnose as well as manage their conditions. Those individuals may have a variety of mental illness,neurological disorders, personal and family relationship problems , learning disabilities. In this point of view, the career path of clinical psychology will help me develop further my critical knowlegde as well as provide my help for people in need. Moreover, as a clinical psychologist, it is able to choose a wide variaty of career paths. Some clinicians work independent in their own office and schedule. Others work in schools,universities, hospitals,rehabilitation facilities and community mental

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