Goals For The Goal Setting

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Goal setting is when people set “specific challenging goals can powerfully drive behavior and boost performance” (Ordóñez, Scheitzer, Galinsky, Bazerman, 2009, p.2). There are a lot of pros and cons to a lot of topics in life. Goal settings have a lot of pros and cons as well. After reading the three articles there are many more cons than pros to goal setting. Goal setting is very useful to mangers, but the attackers are blowing things out of proportion. The first pro of goal setting is too increase performance. The specific challenging goals increase performance more than the unchallenging goals (Ordóñez et al., 2009, p.3). So why does setting specific challenging goals increase performance? “So long as a person is committed to the goal, has the requisite ability to attain it, and does not have conflicting goals, there is a positive, linear relationship between goal difficulty and task performance” (Ordóñez et al., 2009, p.3). Workers committed to goals will try harder to complete the goals because there is a path to follow, they can develop plans to achieve goals, and with goals there is more focus to the goals that it must be achieved so the workers work harder to complete them. There is also more effort and the workers become persistent in completing the goal. Another benefit of goal setting is that people are more committed to completing challenging goals because they company sets them and it will benefit the company. For example, Ford Motor Company wanted to sell cars…

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