God Reflection

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Almost every day of my life, I ask myself the same question and that is: “How will God be present in my life today?” The answer to this question changes every single day because God has a different plan for me and all of the people that surround me. From what I have seen over the course of my life, I have noticed that God’s presence has always been there for me on my weakest days and my strongest. During these times where I have experienced God watching over me, I feel that my relationship with Him as strengthened and that my faith has grown as well. These moments in my life make me reflect on what it truly means to have the presence of God in my life and how He helps me to grow and build a deeper connection with those in my church, school, home, and especially the Holy Trinity. I know that whatever I am doing today or tomorrow, wherever the path I am currently walking on takes me, I should take just a moment to take in all that God has bestowed upon me. Over the course of my existence my understanding and my beliefs about Christianity has tremendously changed because as we grow older we have the ability to take in more knowledge than when we were young. When I was a little kid my parents would take me to church every Sunday and my school would have us go to mass every Wednesday as well, but as years have flown by me and my family go to church less and less. I feel terrible that I can not attend church as often as I use to, but now that I am in high school I have discovered

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