God 's Not Dead By Josh Wheaton

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God’s Not Dead is about a Christian college student named Josh Wheaton, who enrolls in a philosophy class taught by Professor Jeffrey Radisson. Professor Radisson who is an atheist, tells his students to write on a piece of paper “God is Dead”. He tells them that the phrase is just a metaphor, but it actually means that God never existed. Immediately people in his class start writing and signing it except one person. Josh is hesitant to write this because he wants to get a good grade and pass the class, but at the same time he doesn’t agree with that statement. He decides to defend his Christian views even though this can affect his future. Professor Radisson demands Josh to debate the topic and prove that God is NOT dead. If he fails to prove God 's NOT dead then he will fail the section and lose points. At the end, the class will vote on who is right. Throughout the movie, we get the chance to see the life of separate people who all have a unique story. We also get to hear both Professor Radisson and Josh give interesting and convincing arguments, and see the hardships in which Josh has to go through. One of Josh’s argument talks about the Big Bang Theory. He uses a famous atheist Nobel Prize winner/theoretical physicist’s description of the Big Bang Theory. The description this physicist gives is that in the beginning there was an explosion which made the universe. He then starts talking about how scientist believed Aristotle’s idea which was that “the universe had…

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