Going Green And Global Solutions Management

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Going Green Key to the Cleaner Future Saurabh Gurung 8-25-2015 E227 Global Solutions MEMORANDUM To: Division Manager Anne Brown and Global Solutions Management From: Saurabh Gurung Date: Aug 25, 2015 Subject: Going green “Key to the cleaner future” Dear Annie Brown, This is the report regarding to the going green program to reduce Carbon Footprint requested by Global Solutions. I have attached the report which goes into the detail and explores the ways we can tackle this problem. Hopefully you will review the ideas, benefits and the solutions that our company and community will gain. These changes require the cooperation from the employees and the…show more content…
Carbon footprint essentially measures the total carbon emission produced by a company contributing to climate change (Swallow, 2009). After the trucking incident in Indonesia, E227 Global Solutions is determined to reduce its carbon footprint by 25% next year. By doing so, E227 Global Solutions will improve its public image while simultaneously protecting the environment. While efforts of “going green” can be seen with E227 Global Solutions’ local initiatives, it is crucial to do so within the company. Currently the company does not have a structured green initiatives for the internal work environment. Statement of Purpose The main purpose of the proposal is to persuade the executives of E227 Global Solutions to adopt an overall eco-friendly internal operations mainly replacing all current equipment with energy efficient ones (e.g. LED lightings). Sources and Methods The majority of the research will be secondary and taken from various online sources: Google scholars, jstor, DeVry online source etc. Some of the quantitative information collected from the research will be turned in graphs/charts for greater appeal. One
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