Google, Apple and Semco Essay

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Three articles, three companies and three very different managing styles. The articles look at how three very important people keep a handle on their employees. Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple and his non-text book approach to an autocratic managing style, CEO of Google Eric Schmit and his laissez-faire catastrophe and Ricardo Semler CEO of SEMCO and his participative ways that surprisingly seem to be working. All run in different markets and have created their own rules to follow. They are the companies paving the way and demonstrating how to be successful in traditional ways but with their own twist. Sometimes they may not seem like the most efficient ways to get your workers to be productive, but in these astounding cases they seem to be …show more content…

Each company has its own way of nabbing the spotlight from competitors. Apple is intensely secretive about its products, so secretive that not even the workers know what they are working on. This gives Apple a leg up on competitors, when they came up with the iPhone design nobody knew what they were up to, and then it took other companies trying to steal apples spot light longer to come up with a product similar. Apple is not like every other company in the same market, like Microsoft, instead they stepped out of the norm. Everything is created in house and while some products work with others like iPods and PC, they will work best with apple products. This creates customer loyalties: if someone buys a Mac is most likely going to buy an iPhone or an iPod. It is unlike any other computer company. Microsoft for example has to get other companies to create hardware or software to be compatible with its products. Apple operates within its self, making it the firm to beat. Google is still going strong, but growth has been decreasing instead of increasing. With the amount of employees they turn over, they have to hire back. There has to be a high amount of training with the numbers of workers they loose on a monthly or even weekly basis. Google still has something going for them, and that is the amount of programs they run. , just to name a few: Gmail, Google apps, Google maps,

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