Google vs. Msn Essay

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Google vs. Msn

One of the wonderful things about the internet is how it makes life much easier if the information can be found in the convenience of the home instead of going to a library and making a day out of it. This is especially true if the internet offers updated information as soon as it happens were as a library may only update a few things every week or month at a time. It is truly remarkable how much information can be found and because of this it isn’t unbelievable that more and more people are using the internet instead of going to a library or using another service the internet can offer them. However, without organization and direction information is useless. Search engines offer this stepping stone by storing …show more content…

Although, Google’s news section appears more unorganized then Msn’s news section Msn does a much better job pulling the user into reading their news than Google does. All the user has to do is glance at the news on Msn to get pulled into something they may want to read were as on Google if the user wants to read about the news they have to go looking for it. Just having one link on the page may not be enough for the user to notice that Google has a news section since one link does not stand out enough, making it easy to look over.

It is clear Msn is focusing on an older age group. It offers many things an adult would like to do that a kid may not even be able to pronounce. It offers many different things that a common user would like to do like finding what movies playing in the town you ask for. In order to offer all these services without hiring a huge staff to maintain all these services they partner up with companies that offer a specific service. This allows Msn to add another feature to the web site easily, keeps the user on the site and also gives the partner more traffic to their site.

Although Google partners with other web sites when it comes to news, it appears they try and maintain nearly everything else on their site. It is clear they can’t offer many services because of this, but they offer many different kinds of search engines in order to easily find

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