Government Motor Services Strategic Hrm Proposal

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Government Motor Services Strategic HRM Proposal
Background and Introduction
Founded in 1995 we have always been dedicated and committed to being responsive to the needs of the community. It is a pleasure to discuss a proposal that preserves the commitment promised to our citizens.
To do so the proposal will look at the past goals, present goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) model of analysis, and the specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and the time-bound (SMART) model of goal setting. Furthermore while addressing such areas, this proposal will explain how goals will be completed, strengths will be utilized to eliminate weaknesses and how opportunities can preserve our mission all while expanding.
To preserve and improve the physical, social, and economic health of our neighborhoods, support neighborhood self-reliance and enhance the quality of life for the residents through community-based problem solving, neighborhood-oriented services, and public/private cooperation.
We thrive to become a community that has a harmonious balance of the interests of our citizens, businesses, and visitors achieved through managed growth, fiscal responsibility, open communication, and stewardship of our natural beauty and environment.
In conducting our business, we will realize our vision by performing our affairs so that our actions provide confirmation of the high value we place on:
1. INTEGRITY: By dealing honestly

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