Graduation Speech For Higher Education

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In order for higher education to continue to look attractive to incoming students, it must improve with the current trends of the world. Higher education is changing daily due to the demand of improvements from the student body. A school must have the newest and best opportunities for their students in order to keep the doors open. The following paper will take a closer look at the similarities and differences in technology, safety, and opportunities and challenges faced by today’s students in student affairs.
Students in higher education are searching for a university that looks appealing to both the student and family. One factor incoming students are seeking is level of technology available. Technology has made a huge shift …show more content…

Online classes gave me the chance to continue my graduate classes while balancing my busy work schedule. Without this new technology, I would have had to postpone my classes for a semester. I had the opportunity to have the same learning experience that I would have had in the classroom, but I was able to work my classes around my schedule.
Not every change in higher education over the last 20 years is considered a good change. Safety is a change that makes students look to the past. Students on present day campuses value their safety much more than 20 years ago. One of the main topics on campus regarded safety is mass shooting. Students may wonder “What would I do? Run? Hide? Fight?” but really these questions would not be fully answered until the unthinkable happens. Professors will often create a safe word for students to reenter the classroom. Twenty years ago, college campuses did not have to worry about one of their own turning against the school. This is now a common topic in higher education. College campuses employ police officers and security guards, giving the campus a feeling of safety. During an incident on campus, the old saying of being in the right place at the right time comes into play. I try not to think of something so scary happening on my college campus, but it is always in the back of my mind. I overthink every situation, so I am always watching my surroundings, looking for the closest exit, and keeping my cell phone

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