Graduation Speech : High School

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Many people have different high school experiences or stories about when they finally felt like a highschooler or felt like they belonged. Some people might not even have had that experience yet and are still trying to belong at Wahlert Catholic High School. Personally, I have had many experiences when I finally felt like a high schooler. Such as my first year playing on the Wahlert Freshman Baseball team, talking to upperclassmen, my first year playing on the Wahlert Freshman Basketball team, or all of the times cheering in the Wahlert Volleyball, Football, and Basketball Eagle’s Nest. But, one experience truly stands out in particular, the school-wide pep rally for homecoming week. As a freshman, in my first year in high school, you could imagine that I would be pretty confused in the first month at Wahlert. I didn’t know where all the classrooms were, I didn’t know many of the teachers, and I was still trying to find my place as a Golden Eagle. It was homecoming week, and everyone was excited. There was a different theme for each day of homecoming week. The main ones I remember were the twin or dynamic duo day, spirit day, and superhero day. I took part in some but in others I did not just because I was still a freshman and would have felt self conscious. So, when the teachers announced that there would be the homecoming pep rally at the end of the day, I did not know what to expect. Partly because I was the oldest out of my brother and I and did not have an older

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