Graduation Speech : High School

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“The future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens. We have everything we need to be that nation … and yet, despite resources that are unmatched anywhere in the world, we have let our grades slip, our schools crumble, our teacher’s quality fall short and other nations outpace us”-President Obama (Splitt).
As a recent high school graduate, I was proud of my accomplishments and the fact that I was the first in my family to go to college. Before I started college, my brother started his junior year in high school and learned that the credits needed to graduate had been lowered from 230 to 220. The reason for that change was that the district wanted more students to graduate so that the drop-out rate lowers. Looking back, I remembered that teachers passed students because they felt bad, not because they truly deserved that grade. Many students passed by just doing the work and extra credit. Students these days are not truly learning, they are told to do the work so they can simply pass. Obtaining the proper education is necessary for one and the nation to become successful. For years, America’s educators, parents, and government officials have been discussing on what changes are needed to improve the education system for American children so that they are well prepared for the future. The problem is quality. According to International Business Times, the United States is ranked 17th in an assessment of the educational system of 50 countries. The U.S education…

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