Graduation Speech : Language And Education

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I, Weronika Rzucidlo, desire to pursue an undergraduate degree in World Language Education because it effortlessly joins together my sole two passions: language and education. As a child going through the public school system, whenever I was asked the standard question of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always responded, “a teacher.” However, as I have grown up and have been exposed to different situations, I have developed an affinity for the Spanish language. It started as a language requirement in high school and transformed into a language class that I had to have every semester or else I would have felt lost. I felt a connection to the language, the culture, and its people; I knew that not continuing my studies in the language at a college level would serve as an immense disservice to myself. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have had various opportunities to solidify my desire to teach not only in a general manner but to specifically teach the Spanish language. Although I am very excited about all of the career opportunities which graduating with an undergraduate degree in World Language Education would provide me, I am most interested in how it will prepare me for a bilingual graduate speech pathology program in the future. I intend on teaching in a school environment for a year or two before I apply to a graduate program. Today’s population is very culturally and linguistically diverse, and the population of minority groups is steadily increasing. Speech
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