Graduation Speech : My Ideal Class

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My ideal class is a class where all students enjoy and learn math. A typical day in class would be by welcoming the students with some music in the background. I remember that my Spanish teacher in high school would always receive us with music. I really enjoyed listening to music before the class. Therefore, I would start the day with some music that will relax the students before the class. I would always be at the door waiting for the students to enter class and receive them with a big smile. It is important to start the class with any type of positive attitude even with a little and simple as a smile. Maybe this would help them to feel motivated and happy if they had a bad night or morning. I want the students to feel that learning math can be fun and easy if we practice in a way they could enjoy it. I would write the warm up on the board at the beginning of the class, in which they would have the opportunity to practice and reinforce the material they have already learned the day before. Students will help me to solve the problems written on the board step by step. If a student wants to go to the front to solve it, then the student will receive three extra credit points. After the warm up, I would do a mini lesson for about 10-15 minutes. My class would always be a routine of guided practice, independent practice, and group practice. Students would have the opportunity to practice on their own and with other classmates. By having students work independently or in a
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