Grandma Vs. Research : Child And Adolescent Development

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Running Head: Grandma vs. Research 1 Grandma vs. Research PSY 104: Child and Adolescent Development Instructor: Janet Stebbins Michelle Glahe April 3, 2017 Grandma vs. Research 2 Grandma’s Advice The advice you get from your grandma, grandpa or any one that is your elder, should not just be dismissed, because they have been around for many years and can be very wise about certain things. Over the years there have been many different techniques developed and tested. Previous techniques and remedies are still used today and…show more content…
His psychosocial theory of development takes in consideration of the impact of external factors, the parents, and society on a personality development from childhood to adulthood. Erikson’s theory says, that every person must pass through a series of eight interrelated stages over their entire life cycle. With this theory, it is more significant to defining a child’s or an adolescent’s development since it breaks down what is going on in the different stages of their life. Depending on factors that can occur at any different time in life, not everyone will experience those same events at the same time in their life. This can affect the way a child develops. What makes the scholarly research different from anecdotal evidence that explains a child and adolescent development? Everyone can speak from experience of what they have encountered with their own children, but it shows that a lot of people do lots of research on the different articles that regard development issues that can accrue in children. Anecdotal evidence is only going to get people so far. As you look at scholarly articles you can see that there is many different test subjects and different outcomes from each test that is conducted. A good example is that not all medications work for someone the same way or work at all. You must read and listen to the scholarly information when trying to find what is going to work the best for them or someone Grandma vs.

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