Greek And Roman Ideas

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Greek and Roman Ideals
When considering the ancient Greek and Roman ideals you can see the distinct similarities in their art, government, monotheism, and architecture. The Romans duplicated many of the Greek styles and modified them to suit their lifestyles. Greece and Rome influences can be seen in art today with the use of concepts, techniques, and styles that were founded by the Greek classical ideal. These include techniques for carving sculptures and the construction of massive metropolitan structures. The use of the city-state was invented by the Greeks and followed by the Romans.
The Romans were admirers of the Greek artistic style and this shows in their art and what has been left from the ancient Roman era for us to view. …show more content…

The Greeks are responsible for the creation of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns, but the Roman’s expanded on this and modified the capitals. Greek influence can be seen in the creation of Pantheon. The Pantheon combines the styles of Greek and Roman architectural styles with its combination of post and lintel and dome and arch. Inside the Pantheon are sculptures like the Parthenon, and is the most well preserved buildings from ancient Rome. The Pont du Guard in France remains the largest aqueduct in the world and after over 2000 years it still stands. The Colosseum is in ruins, but it still stands today.

Greek democracy and the Roman republic are similar in that they both give power to the people and elect officials by letting the people vote. The Greek city-states were united by force through the invasions of the Macedonians and then by the Romans. The Romans then carried on the city-state format and were themselves invaded later by the Germanic tribes. Although the Greeks and Romans were defeated their political ideal remains and is still in use by some democracies in the West.
The monotheism of the Greek belief system was the format for the Roman belief system. Their gods were celebrated and revered by festivals and games being held in their honor. The Greek influence can be seen in the Roman culture with their gods. Roman gods are essentially borrowed from the Greek gods, but they

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