Green Lake County Board Meeting

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Green Lake County Board Meeting For my community meeting assignment, I attended a Green Lake County Board meeting. I have never attended a County Board meeting before and I found it to be quite interesting. I found this meeting posted on the Green Lake County website and that is where I pulled the agenda from to take to the meeting. The meeting was about one and a half hours long.
Issues/Needs Managed The issues and needs discussed were all listed on the agenda and the leaders went through every resolution, department reports, and ordinances. I understood that for the resolutions there were members that signed the resolution and then it got voted on during the meeting. They voted with a keypad device and the public could see who voted …show more content…

I did not see a whole lot of rebuttal happening in the meeting, but as soon as the members voted the audience could see the results on the screen. Often there were a few members who disagreed with the majority vote. The majority vote then decided what the decision for that topic would be. Even if a member who did not agree, and was trying to state their point, majority still ruled in the case.
Social Work Competency 3 Social work competency 3 includes advancing human rights, and social, economic and environmental justice. This meeting is an opportunity for public county residents to attend in order to discuss a concern they are having. If there was an environmental concern in Green Lake County that was having negative effects on vulnerable populations, this meeting is where it could be brought up at. To help advance human rights, the funded programs like UW-Extension are an awesome resource for residents of Green Lake County. The program offers opportunities to advance well-being.
Meeting Agenda The meeting agenda included a call to order, roll call, reading of the call, pledge of allegiance, some recognition of county members for service, announcements, and a time for public comment. This happened all within the first twenty minutes of the beginning of the meeting. Then the meeting switched over into having a few appearances, talking about department reports, resolutions in the county, ordinances, annual

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