Gregory Doran's Hamlet

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Hamlet Hamlet is a very well-known play across the world. Many students have been required to read the play in school. Although the poem has been read by many students, student usually don’t further their experience with Hamlet by watching the movie. There are many remakes of the play in movie form, new movies have been evolved since the play was originally made. There are movies that follow the play and the time period of the play and then there are newer or more modern versions of the play. The comparison being made in this paper is, the originally play versus the 2009 movie version of Hamlet. The 2009 Hamlet movie was directed by Gregory Doran. Just by looking at the front cover one could tell that this is definitely a more modern version of the play. Much like the originally play the movie is quite lengthy as well.
This movie is a modern version of the play, you can tell this by the setting itself. The play was originally written around 1599, therefore the year gives you a sense of the time period and how the setting looked. When reading the plays originally text, you don’t get pictures or videos to watch so you make a vision in your head of what everything looks like. Knowing that the play was written in 1599, when reading the play you think of old settings, also we know that Hamlet was part of a royal …show more content…

Although the movie did tell the baseline story of the play I don’t think the movie captured what Shakespeare would have liked it to. The story of the play followed the originally play but I think the overall mental image and picture has more to do with the story than the story itself. The movie didn’t capture any of the original settings, or anything in that nature. It kept the story line, but then decided to take its own twist and turn on the vision of the play. The movie version did not in vison what Shakespeare would have wanted or tried to portray in his original

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