Grog Cafe

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Develop brand awareness through a steady, month to month increase of new customers.
Develop an increase in sales while achieving a status quo state or decrease in marketing expenses.
Develop awareness of the structured conversation system measured by customers coming to the Grog Shop solely for meeting people. product variety marketing promotion marketing mass distribution mass marketing differentiated target marketing direct marketing
Pricing: the pricing scheme is based on standard industry practices.
Distribution: all services and products will be distributed from Old House Cafe's retail space.
Advertising and promotion: the most successful advertising will be with Good Food and Wine magazine. Additionally, strategic relationships will be
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While every bar or coffee shop has a certain "flavor" and that is why someone will choose one bar or another, the flavor is only surface deep. The business model of the establishment is to sell alcohol and provide a social setting. Beyond these two values, there is little other genuine value that the establishments try to provide.
Lagon Cafe is distinguished by the fact that their business model concentrates on developing value for customers beyond serving drinks.
Signs: Place a portable A-frame sign in front of coffee shop every morning to remind people it is there. Changing the colors on the sign, adding balloons and crepe paper streamers will continue to get the attention of those driving and walking by.

Promotional Tools: Use promotional tools. Promotional tools work to bring customers in with the promise of a reward. Examples of promotional tools include a free cup of coffee for every 10 that are purchased, a key chain card that, when displayed, gets the customer a 10% discount and free coffee mugs -- with logo imprinted on it -- for those who frequent the shop at least three times a week for three
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