Groupon 's Marketing Plan For The World 's Commerce Operating System

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Groupon has made it’s mark in the retail world and in order to continuously do this in a successful matter the company should follow a specific marketing plan which will aid in advertising their products and services. Mission Statement- Groupon 's mission is to become the world 's commerce operating system. By connecting buyers and sellers through price and discovery, they have the opportunity to become one of the world 's essential companies, a daily habit for our customers and merchant partners. (Mission 2014) Problem Definition/issue: The major problem with Groupon today is the continuous shrinking profit margins on new business lines, which in fact make future earnings and revenue growth unsustainable. SWOT Analysis This section will provide and in depth analysis of Groupon as well as providing clear cut solutions in order to fix the issue mentioned above. Strengths Groupon has many strengths that it offers as a company from ease of access to its customer loyalty, all of which have contributed to the overall reputation of the company as a whole. The first ease of access is a no brainer. First off the fact that it operates solely from the web makes it easier for returning and new customers to access their web page and to browse various products and daily deals. Every day the company lists various deals for its customers, in addition to sending multiple notification via text messaging or email whenever a new deal arrives or has been uploaded. Internet merchandisers and

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