Guidance and Counseling

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Guidance Program The Guidance Office through the guidance counselor conducts an Orientation Program for Freshmen and transferees at the start of the semester. The Student are provided counseling services to help them out in meeting their physical, academic and emotional needs and are guided towards whole development of their personality through the integration of social and spiritual enrichment. There are available measures of academic skills and personality testing. Test in specific areas of intelligence, aptitude, interest, and attitudes are utilized to ensure a realistic evaluation of a student's personality and his emotional needs. Guidance Office provides a developmental type of program suitable for the varied characteristics of …show more content…

There are three counseling/interviews offered to the students; • Initial Interview for all the first year students • Routine Interview for second to fourth year students, and • Exit Interview for the graduating students Testing Service – Testing is the assessment of the level of individual’s interests, abilities, achievements and personality. The guidance staff goes from room to room to administer tests and interpret tests results. Career Development Service - To help students have a clearer picture and deeper understanding of one’s career choice and help in their career decision-making from knowing their abilities and potential, providing them information regarding the university course offerings and requirements, information on job trends, job referrals and employment opportunities. Placement Service - To facilitate student’s entrance into a job or educational programme of his choice and to help students find a job suited to their course. Follow-up Service – Help the students in the transition from one year to another, from the school to the world of work. Also, helps to ascertain educational and vocational progress and status of the students and former students. Research and Evaluation Service – To conduct a study using guidance data and an appraisal of the effectiveness and efficiency of activities and school services in

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