Gun Control Is Not Regulated Now Essay

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If firearm control is not regulated now, what would be the outcome and its effects on society in the future. As of now the laws of gun control have little to no effect on crimes committed using a gun. It’s a known fact that firearms are the most used lethal weapon during violent crimes, here in the State of Texas. As a concerned resident of the state, I am motivated to bring to the attention of our law enforcers, that stricter laws on firearms should be enforced. For the reasons of safety in our neighborhoods and environments to establish healthy relations within the community, to reduce the influence of firearms to children at a young age, especially by social and mass media and greatly reduce the rate of death around us by firearms. This can be achieved by establishing new laws within society, that will lead to a change in certain behaviors, thus reducing firearm influential rate. Some critics tend to argue that enforcing stricter laws such as on hand guns is a violation of their right to bear arms. Individuals feel stripped of their protection and claim to be left defenseless against attackers. What society tends not to realize is that, because of their possession if these handguns, a lot of innocent loves are put in danger. Bakal et al research puts aside a whole discussion where family members shot each other because of these easily accessed guns. Mothers killing their children and themselves over trivial arguments, where the situation could have been handled
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