Gun Control Laws Is The State Of New York

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Gun control has become a hot topic in recent times with heated debates and strong feelings coming from both sides of the issue on whether or not laws should become stricter. A frontrunner in passing gun control laws is the state of New York. The bill that was passed has tightened the parameters of a preexisting assault weapon ban to reduce the legal limit for rounds of ammunition a magazine clips can carry from ten down to seven and has lowered the previously allowed number of two military style features to one. Other new measures in the bill are that gun licenses will need to be renewed every five years and records will be kept in a recently introduced registry. A mandatory background check will also be implemented at the sale of any gun. Though these sections of the bill seem reasonable, there are parts that don’t quite make sense. For instance that medical professionals are asked to inform authorities if a patient may be at risk of harming themselves or others and that gun storage is only required when living with a convicted criminal or a person who is ineligible to have a gun license and that only gun owners with specific living situations need to have safe gun storage (New York leads on Gun Control). While the weapons laws in the state of New York are an excellent start to protecting our right to bear arms while maintaining the safety of citizens, there is still room for improvement before the laws are adopted on a Federal level.
Gun registration, even for firearms
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