Guns Have More Good Than Harm

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Guns service different purposes in people’s lives. Most people have a bad opinion about guns. But what they fail to realize is guns have more good attributes then bad ones. Gun banning is an issue that has been argued for years. In certain areas of the United States you will see many protest for the banning of guns. Most people affiliate guns as being a vile item a person can have in their household, even more so if they have children. Most people don’t realize the positive ways guns have in our lives. They assume all guns are bad and shouldn’t exist, when in reality they are a great tool to have. Guns do more good than harm. The banning of guns will affect us all in a negative way.
Guns have many uses that do not require to hurt a human being. Guns can be used to hunt for food. Hunting and eating of wildlife by man is an ancient practice (Suwannarong 3). There are approximately 15 million hunters, about 35 percent of gun owners, in the United States, and about the same number and percentage of gun owners engaged in sport shooting (Gun Control 4). This number increases every year. Hunters teach their young children how to hunt, to be able to provide for a family. A study found that 62% of household food were made up of wild food resources (Suwannarong 3). Many families depend on hunting wild animals such as deer, bears, moose, cows, and turkeys to be able to feed their families. Without having the necessary weapon to hunt, one cannot provide food for his or her family. Some

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