Gym Goers Classification

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The gym can be very intimidating; the equipment is huge and bulky, even the locker rooms can bring back frightening flashbacks from junior high Physical Education class. Everyone had that moment when, to their horror, they realized they had to change in front of their classmates. At least at the gym, there are curtained off tiny hideouts in the locker room that you can close yourself off in and change.
Once you drag yourself from the locker room, you can hear the clanks of barbells and the hum of the machines. The bright lights will showcase sweat-glistened bodies and every style of workout attire imaginable. Gym goers come in many different shapes and sizes. As you look around, you will notice that there are three main types of gym goers: the bunnies, the bears and the beasts.
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They work out a few times a week because some doctor from somewhere told them that it is good for their health. The bunnies will get on treadmills and never try another piece of equipment; or they will hop around and get on a few machines, but they have no plan of action. They don’t want to bulk up or stand out. They just want to get in 30 minutes or an hour and be on their way. The gym is just one of their ways of staying active. Second, you have the bears. They are more serious about their workouts than the bunnies. They push their selves harder. The bears attack the machines. Their workouts have more structure because they want to see results. They want their body to look a certain way, and they don’t mind working hard to get the results that they want. They are in the gym three to five times a week, and they beat their selves up if they miss a workout. The bears will look around to make sure they are working harder than the bunnies. A little competition never hurt
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