Gym Or Exercise You Live A Better Life Essay

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Fernando Ochoa
Dr. Masilamony
English 1301 W18
15, November, 2016
If you go to the gym or exercise you live a better life
When the subject of the gym comes up many people just think that the gym can only help with looks and physical aspects of the human body. Everyone overlooks the fact that the gym helps your social and physiological life. Well-being and less stress are the main social and physiological benefits of exercising.
People who start exercising and find a new hobby are also more likely to find and make new friends with the same likings as them. People who exercise often are more likely to find a person they like/love if they have the same likings in hobby as you. The chances of getting married increases by 23 percent if you and your partner have similar hobby’s like the gym, sports, yoga, or any type of exercise related activity.
The leading cause of deaths is Heart Disease, the best way to prevent this disease is by exercising regularly. In fact, the first eight leading causes for death happen to be all diseases, except for the 3rd, and most of them can be prevented if you work out or exercise. There are about 150,000 deaths per day every day; People die on the regular due to accidents, diseases, and many other causes people who work out tend to live way happier with themselves, and they have better social lives. This occurs because when people see the changes the gym gives them they feel better and not just do they feel better about themselves but they look

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