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Political*Being a Swedish based company means H&M have to follow Swedish legislation. * Like many other brand stores, H&M’s stock is produced overseas. This is because of minimum wage laws which prevent workers in the UK working for below anything else. Employing workers in less developed countries mean H&M can maximise their profits. *Price of cotton has increased rapidly as supplies are becoming limited. H&M promote basic cotton ranges therefore they use mass amounts of cotton. If cotton prices do not start to fall, H&M will have to increase their prices to maximise profits, which will draw away possible consumers that shop there to take advantage of their inexpensive clothing. | Economical *H&M are known for…show more content…
| Technological*H&M have recently introduced an online shopping website. This is beneficial to those with children at home or who work long hours and do not necessarily have time to go shopping.*H&M is known for fast fashion and averagely takes 12 weeks to get their clothes from the designing stage into their store. Advanced printing machines are used to mass produce yet keep their high quality of clothing.*H&M’s website promotes their company through weekly newsletters and trend blogs. This is appealing to those who want to dress fashionable but are unsure what trends go together. They also advertise events and special offers on their website. This promotes their store to the segment of consumers that shop online and have an email network. | Legal*Like many high street store, H&M have had accusations that they employ underage workers in illegal sweatshop factories. The poor working conditions and small wages put many consumers off of purchasing their clothes as they do not want to promote this work. H&M sponsor charities to help raise awareness of this.*The Sales of Good Act is the only legislation that protects consumers from companies. H&M have a returns policy that is clear and states the consumer is entitled to a full refund or exchange within the allocated time and within a resalable, unless faulty, condition. | Environmental*H&M have an Organic

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