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When using Microsoft Word, the HCI is very user friendly. The user is easily able to figure out what an icon does simply by looking at it. Not only is it visually appealing, but if the user is unsure, hovering over the icons tells exactly what they are for. Under each main category tab, there is the ability to quickly find what is needed with easy to understand icon pictures and descriptions when hovering. For instance, if the user needs superscript or subscript they are easy to find since the icon shown for them is X2 for subscript and X2 for superscript both of which say their purpose when the curser is hovering.
The HCI in Microsoft Visio is similar to Word where it has the main tabs at the top of the screen that show main …show more content…

The icon could be two shapes with a highlighted connector between them. When this option is used, the program would automatically ask the user if a connector needs to be added to any shape after the first. This could enhance the user’s productivity. If a business person was making a diagram for a presentation, this option would allow the user to work more efficiently which could mean less wasted time. Another example of it’s use would be if someone was making a family tree. The automated connector would make the production of the flowchart a breeze.
Visio Tutorial Visio is a program used to easily make flowcharts and other diagrams. A great feature of Visio would be the rulers at the left side and top of the work area. This allows the user to make sure spacing and size of flowcharts or diagrams are how it was intended. Another excellent feature in Visio is the ability to change the shape of a stencil without removing the current one from the work area. With the shape selected, look under the Home tab, then on the far right is a section labeled “Editing” within this area is a icon with shapes on it labeled “Change Shape”, from this icon the user can scroll over shapes and find the one that is needed. Some other helpful features in Visio include
• Feature 1: Undo icon which is helpful if the user needs to delete something quickly that has just been done. This icon may be clicked on

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