HR Technology Case Scenarios: Castle's Family Restaurant

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HR Technology Case Scenario: Stage – I Student’s Name DeVry University Date: HRIS Introduction Currently, Castle’s Family Restaurant is facing the issues of rising operational cost. Mr. Jay Morgan who is HR and Operational Manager is not able to meet all the business requirements because of the business expansion and traveling time spent in visiting every branch in a week. As an HR consultant I will analyze the business requirement and problems, followed by the recommendation on how HRIS can improve the process flow, allowing Mr. Morgan to successfully integrate his tasks from his head office. Business Assessment Name of Business: Hotel Industry Size of the Business: 300-350 employees (<500) Work Culture: 60% of the employees are part time workers, which suggest that company experience high turnover rate and…show more content…
Improving Hiring Process will also improve the turnover rate for the company in a long term, thus will improve the productivity of the workplace. HRIS Needs Assessment: Automation in the hiring and recruiting process will improve the resource allocation process (Kumar, 2014) with the ability of scanning and holding the information, which can retrieved any moment with ease. The recruiting information system, which is a crucial part of HRIS, will help in developing a customized recruitment plan according to the need of departments. The automation will be effective in keeping the record of contract and full time employees along with the information of transfer and termination of employees that will support the statistical analysis of the employment. The automation provided by this HRIS will be very useful in strategizing the recruitment drive, and will help in decision making by prioritizing the traits of employee.
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