Habit 1: What Does It Means To Be A Person

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In Habit 1 means be proactive, what proactive means to be a person who is on there things, making important thing first and not important things last.And it means you can brush things off without getting offended that means that you will not get mad at nobody but yourself.And to Take responsibility for their choices like you can't blame others for your you choices.You make your choices like if you what to do a bad thing it in your conches.And think before they act so you think it twice before you do it like if you are in a fit you can walk away or stay and get in trouble. Also bounce back when something bad happens like if someone passed away, then you need to move on and not stop a stay there and fresh and stay behind with the other people …show more content…

It focuses on what you want to be and do in Habit 3 is put things first means set a thing into the start with, I Highly recommend getting a planner or calendar on your computer, phone, or on paper, whatever works just somewhere with space to write down appointments, to-do for the day or for the week.

On the 7 habit and guess which habit is the hardest it!One to live?you guessed it! It’s habit 3 so don’t get discouraged if you struggle with it.And if you put first things first,you are organizing and managing time and events according to the personal.

And It can help you get higher Grades for almost all your classes or change your perspective of how you see your life or how you act in your life.And working tireless times to change your attitude so you can be Proactive and so you can Begin with the End in Mind that means to manage your time and work.And to Put First Things First
And that means too important things first and not important things

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