Hampton Roads' Interest in Breweris and Craft Beer Essay

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The Hampton Roads region is no exception to the recent nationwide interest in local breweries and craft beers. Although certain state regulations initially prevented craft breweries from existing to their full capacity in this area, some breweries still began to achieve success. O’Connor Brewing Company made interest in these beers possible in this area because of its immediate success after a long trail of failed brewing companies (“O'Connor Brewing Company” NP). Due to former regulations, most brewing companies closed within months of starting up their businesses. Previously, Virginia law prevented breweries from selling alcohol at its respective establishments, a key part of upkeep for any local brewery (Riggan NP). Although the …show more content…

As is common with most localized craft beer companies, the reach of O’Connor’s market spreads in multiple areas across the country. People from all parts of the nation buy from the company, therefore leading to more tourist interest in the Hampton Roads region. Anyone who drinks O’Connor beer learns a little bit about the Hampton Roads area due to the small descriptions put on the bottles. Developing interest in the area itself adds to the tourist interest received from people who simply travel with the goal of visiting many local craft beer breweries. The tourism achieved from the presence of many local breweries is phenomenal (Miller NP). The company’s attempt to appeal towards women is another key part to stretching towards different beer drinking demographics. The bottles themselves emphasize their interest in multiple audiences. Unlike many plainer looking beer bottles, O’Connor’s beer has more elegant and colorful designs. The company intends for the product to be extremely eye-catching. This goes hand in hand with the designs put on the bottles to connect to local culture. Similarly to how the interest “over the past several years [in] American craft beer has grown exponentially,” (Canova 5) female interest in the beer market has also steadily increased. O’Connor’s is just one of many breweries attempting to break the gender roles associated with drinking beer through its packaging and marketing. Creating a product

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