Hannah's Canticle Analysis

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The canticle of Hannah for the birth of Samuel is very similar to Mary’s canticle for the birth of Jesus. If you think about it, Mary and Hannah have faced the same obstacles, but in a different time periods. They were both willing to give God their son and allow their son to do whatever God asked of him. I find this pretty incredible, knowing that God is basically doing the same story line (God comes to the woman, the woman agrees to Gods plan, and soon becomes the mother of a legend) in a different time period. God really does know what he is doing and sometimes we just need to take a step back and realize how AWESOME he really is. In Hannah’s canticle, she rejoices to God for allowing her to bear a child, even though she was barren. Hannah, in a way, bartered with God for a son. She asked him if he would give her a son, she would raise him to be God’s servant. God agreed and gave Hannah a son whom she named Samuel. Samuel soon grew to be a man who loved God and did his work. He was a Nazarene and loved God immensely. Hannah sings to God her joy and happiness by addressing that “he seats the poor with the princes and has them inherit the throne of honor.” I’m not sure if …show more content…

I believe that Luke had some intent to relate the canticle of Hannah to the canticle of Mary to show how God keeps his promises and fulfilled the scriptures. For instance, Hannah sings about how God will raise the needy, lift the poor and make them into royalty. God fulfilled this promise through Mary’s she sang about how God lifted the lowly and threw down the rulers from their thrones. After reviewing both canticles, I do believe that this was part of Luke’s plan to jog our memory or to remind us about what God did in the past and to get ready for the next thing he’s got up his sleeve. To be frank, I think it worked out better than Luke thought it would. Well done Luke, well

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