Happiness Essay : The Different Aspects Of Happiness And Happiness

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What is happiness? Have you ever wondered what makes you feel happy, or what that feeling is? Happiness isn’t being rich, it isn’t having everything you ever wanted, and it isn’t always feeling the best. When you are happy, you have a great feeling of emotion inside of you. You have a positive mind set for the things you are doing at that moment. Having happiness makes you feel like a better person and you will pass that happiness, “energy,” to all the people around you. Happiness comes along with the decisions that you make day by day. When you make certain life decisions the stress level you encounter can cause your happiness to vary. Jim once said, “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present” (Rohn). Being happy when you’re young usually carries into your older years. If you have been happy for a long time, it will take a really long time for your happiness to be brought down. When I think of happiness I think of a really healthy relationship that does have ups and downs but handles them in a really mature way. Just like going back to being around people that are just as happy as you are makes you a better person and a happier individual. I feel that when positive energy is around many of us have no choice but to be happy also. From working in the restaurant business, I have communicated with a lot of unhappy people. You tell that by the way they present themselves and how they make you feel and
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