Happiness Is A Key To True Happiness?

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What does true happiness feel like? Does affluence make one happy? Does assimilating yourself into a different culture make you happy? What is your happiness? Consequently, we are always surrounded by these emotions of happiness, anger, and sadness. This is something we all desire and it plays a major role in our lives. “Euphoria is a state of intense happiness and self-confidence.” ( I’m sure everyone has experienced being happy at one point in their lives. Happiness is an emotion one feels when they are feeling satisfied with what they are doing. I believe that happiness should be diffused around the world. In addition, it’s a natural feeling that could be caught just by a simple smile. Although, one can basically experience flow just by being fully engaged in an activity they enjoy doing. I would say, the key to inner happiness is loving yourself inside and out, and of course feeling confident in all that you do. Some examples are, having self-care of one’s body, loving one another, and spreading love all around.
Unfortunately, it may seem at times that we are conditioned to accept all the negativity that is being forced upon us in the media. I believe that the news is a big contributor to these negative emotions we feel daily of our lives. Furthermore, we hear about tragedies that happen around the world, but never do we hear about the positive. The media programs its viewers with all the bad things that they talk about, which

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