Hard Drugs Should Not be Legalized

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They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self-esteem”. The issue of drugs has always been a very controversial issue, the debate on whether or not all abusive substances should be legalized. There are many sides to this argument and in the United States this issue draws two types of people to the debate: those for the legalization of hard drugs and those against it. Ever since our earliest days in elementary school we have been taught about the dangers and consequences with hard drug consumption. I believe hard drugs should not be legalized because they are addicting and harmful. Firstly, many people argue for the legalization of hard drugs, even though drugs are addictive and stop people from being happy. According to Volkow’s article in addictscience.com, hard “drugs significantly overstimulate dopamine and cause long-lasting changes in the brain’s Limbic system. This over-stimulation has a cost; it depletes dopamine pathways long after the last dose”. (addictscience.com). The chemical released is called dopamine and it is a stimulate pleasure in the brain and with the usage of hard drugs dopamine gets released in large quantities, but gradually the pleasure experienced by the dopamine begins to fade. With the dopamine fading the user has to rely on a higher dosage of the hard drug to get the same effect that was experienced during the first high.…
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