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Hardware There are many hardware options for those children that are hard of hearing. One popular, though a little expensive, option is an FM Assistive Listening Device. According to the Harris Communications website, FM systems are devices that transmit sound via radio waves from the speaker’s microphone to the listener’s portable receiver (insert reference here). It is important to note that there is a wide array of options in the market when it comes to FM systems. Most of these systems are priced around the mid to high hundreds, however, the cheaper FM systems – along with some of the expensive ones – tend to be basic and burdensome. Taking into account that this device is meant for a six-year-old child, I chose a moderately priced, …show more content…

The only negatives of this product are that it does not include the cable necessary to connect it straight to the television nor the headphones in case the child does not have a hearing aid. Overall, the Conversor Pro is an FM device that is discreet and very effective. It can be used in the classroom, at home while watching television, or in a restaurant. The Conversor Pro will be an effective and useful assistive technology device for any child who is hard of hearing to have in the classroom. The omnidirectional microphone may be moved around for the best sound quality possible. Also, the Conversor Pro reduces background noise, allowing the child to focus on the teacher and not be distracted by off-topic chatter. Furthermore, the unobtrusive size of the receiver will help the child feel more at ease and not like he is standing out, notably so when using the built in speaker as he works in close proximity with his peers. The Conversor Pro will help the child receive an equal and adequate education along his peers, especially since the product can be used throughout his educational career. Software One major key to being successful in the classroom is taking accurate notes. Students who are either deaf or profoundly hard of

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