Harnswell Sewing Machine Company Essay

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Harnswell Sewing Machine Company

IME 460 Case Study 2

Phase 1 Introduction Harnswell Sewing Machine Company is dedicated to the manufacture of industrial sewing machines, has an experience of over 50 years in the market, this factory is specialized in the manufacture of automatic machines engaged in the manufacture of shoes, accessories and belts security. Natalie York is the manager of operations management, currently on a master in business administration. A few days ago Natalie was asked to find out how to improve quality in the process without much investment. Phase 2
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(b) Based on your results in (a), set up all appropriate graphs of the cam roller diameters.

62.667% of the rollers are with proper specification. 37.333% of the rollers are oversize and need reworked. No roller is below the limit. That means no cam roller will be scrapped.

(c) Write a report expressing conclusions concerning the cam roller diameters. Be sure to discuss the diameters as they relate to the specifications.

We found that the diameters of cam we produced meet the required 0.5075 specification.
We suggest that we can increase production and reducing the row material we used.

Phase 5 Current process capability: | 0.5075 | | | σ | 0.0000787 | | | LSL | 0.5072 | | | USL | 0.5075 | | | ZLSL | -3.81194 | Z value | 0.00007 | ZUSL | -0.29225 | Z value | 0.3859 | Total probability of being outside the specification limits is: 0.00007+0.3859=0.38597
Cp=USL-LSL6σ = 0.063532

CPK=Zmin3 = -1.27065

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