Hathor: The Ancient Egyptian Goddess

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Goddess Research Paper This essay will discuss the qualitys of my goddess, the origin, and the time period in which she was worshiped, etc. The goddess I chose to work with is Hathor, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of love, beuaty, fertility, and motherhood. It is thought that her worship was very widespread even dating all the way back to the predynastic period because she does appear on the Narmer palette. Nonetheless, she was absolutely popular by the Old Kingdom period as she appears with Bast in the valley temple of Khafre at Giza. However, Hathor represents the Upper part of Egypt and Bast represents the Lower part of Egypt. Hathor was was worshipped in a place called Canaan in the 11th century BC, which at that time in history was ruled by…show more content…
A myth sometimes called "The Distant Goddess", tells of how Hathor became angry with Ra and wandered away from Egypt. Great sadness falls over the land and Ra, lost wiothout his Eye, decides to fetch her back. However, Hathor has now became a deadly wild cat who destroys all that approaches her, and so no man or god will volunteer to go get her. Thoth eventually agrees to lure her back and, dressed in disguise, manages to coax the angry goddess to return to Egypt by telling her stories. Back in her homeland, she battles the Nile and once again settles into her normally gentle demeanor, but not before the waters turn red from the effort of cooling her rage. I can work with this goddess just like any other goddess whenever in need, once a month, on a full moon, assemble in a secret place an adore the spirit of thy goddess, queen of all witcheries. My goddess will teach me all sorcery and its deepest secrets, love unto all beings, ecstacy of the spirit, and joy on earth. A goddess gives gift of joy unto heart, knowledge of spirit eternal unto earth, beyond death peace, freedom, and reuinion with the ones that have gone before. My goddess has been with me from the beginning and is that which is
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