Having Effective Policies In Place Is Important When Dealing

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Having effective policies in place is important when dealing with the management of a business in order to set guidelines for the people involved in the business, so they how it works and what is expected of them in order for the business to function effectively. If no policies are found within a business, it will be in trouble when a problem arises and there is not a base or rules to follow. Also, policies help explain what is important for the business and what it enforces and protects. For that reason, I decided to implement some important policies in Escape Restaurant and Night Club in order to provide a foundation for the business to be effective, safe, and profitable.

Ethical Computer Use
The Ethical Computer Use
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For example, employees could copy customer’s information from their names, phone numbers, and credits card information and sale it to people interested or use it outside for their personal use and could even lead to identity theft and negatively affect the company’s reputation and image if the customers feel that their personal information is not protected. By having this policy, the guidelines regarding the intended use of customer’s information, employees would be careful not to do other things with the information. They would now that they should protect the information and anything other than the intended use of the information stated in the policy would get them in trouble and they would face the consequences.

Acceptable use policy
In order for employees to access Escape’s email, information systems, and the internet, the will have to agree to follow the acceptable use policy. If there was no acceptable use policy in place for escape, employees would not have the guidelines for what is acceptable when accessing the business computer systems and information, as result they can use the business information and computers to unlawful or illegal actions which could negatively affect the business dramatically. Also, they could steal the information and sale or give it to competitors or they could even get the business to get in problems. In order to prevent
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