Having a Baby Through Assisted Reproductive Technology Essay

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Conceiving a baby can be easy for some couples and difficult for others. In fact, some couples can do so naturally and others may need some professional help or even to the point where adoption is the only possibility available. When given the option of professional help, we need to look at the big picture and think about the moral, immoral and ethical part of this delicate subject. However, while it may be difficult for some couples to conceive a baby, there are many methods that can possibly work and that’s when ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) becomes a great part of it. As far as the moral and ethical part, some people would disagree to this new technology such as IVF (in vitro fertilization), surrogacy, egg transfer, …show more content…

Sarah is willing to do whatever it takes to become a mother. She believes that as long as she is happy and her husband is supporting her idea; the way of conception will not matter. The option of surrogacy conflicts with the Kantian theory in reference to treating the surrogate mother as merely a means to an end versus an end in itself. For example, the motive Sarah has is to use the surrogate mother to carry her child for nine months so that Sarah and Jim may get what they want, which is a biological child. This being said, the surrogate mother is only viewed as a tool to Sarah and Jim and not necessarily as a sentient being. On the other hand, her husband is not willing to support her decision. In fact, he makes his decision based on Contractarianism’s theory. He believes that as long as they are both cooperating with each other and putting their maximum effort conceiving a child will be accomplished. Jim’s idea of conceiving a child is by using the method of superovulation therapy. He believes that sometimes infertility can be treated with a superovulation therapy, instead of having a surrogate bearing his child. In this case, Sarah will be treated with medications to increase the amount of eggs she ovulates every month. From there on, intrauterine insemination is performed. Given the couple’s different points of view, the topic becomes a little controversial. For instance, Sarah wants a surrogate to carry the child for nine months; while Jim wants

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