Health And Public Health

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Public health can be defined as the discipline in preventing disease, extending life and encouraging health through the detailed purpose and educated decisions of society, groups, both public and private, neighborhoods and individuals. It distinguishes itself from personal health due to the fact it examines health from a larger prospective. “Influences from sociology on public health indicate the following: the influence and role of social structure and class on the paths available to individuals; the influence of the group n behavior; social capital and social organization” (Edberg, 2015). Public health observes at the expansive sight: battling illness, detecting elusive symptoms and disease and notifying proper channels, eliminating communicable diseases, while attempting on extending life.
The assessment conducted for this assignment was done for Providence County. This is the largest county in the state of Rhode Island. The cities in this county consist of Central Falls, Cranston, East Providence, Pawtucket, Providence and Woonsocket. The towns in the county are Burrillville, Cumberland, Foster, Glocester, Johnston, Lincoln, North Providence, North Smithfield, Scituate, Smithfield. Providence is the state capital and the largest city which has a vast and diverse population from multiple cultures and socio economic backgrounds. The information obtained was collected from the United States Census website. Additional information was gathered from the State of

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