Health And Safety At Work

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Assignment 1:

Legislation 1 - Health and Safety at work 1974.

The Health and Safety act 1974 is an act that was passed to protect employers, employees and contractors when in the work place. By having a health and safety framework set in place, it allows a place of work or the facility to be assessed if they are keeping to the legislations by the regulatory body HSE (Health and Safety Executive).
It is important to bring this act to the attention of all work places because reduces risks and keep the work force safe.
The act was passed to ensure that health, safety and welfare of people at work was maintained. For example, lengths of people’s shifts were capped to prevent any long shifts without and rest. This was done to prevent tiredness whilst on shift, as workers were getting tired, therefore they became more forgetful and slow and accident can happen. As well, it keeps all the members of the public, who use the facility, safe. If they were not in place, equipment could be used in dangerous ways causing risk to health and other facilities. If chemical are misused it could cause environmental problems and harm to the surrounding area or member of the public.
Also facilities need to: be regularly maintained; have adequate lighting; provision of drinking water; a room for rests whilst on shift; ventilation; toilets and they all need to be cleaned.
The Principals of the health and safety act is to secure the health, safety and welfare of people at work, protecting agents…

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