Health And Wellness : Positive Or Negative?

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Title: Positive People Live Longer.... Really! Category: Health & Wellness Tags: positive outlook, staying positive, being positive, positive people Summary: How positive or negative you reflects your attitude about life. And your attitude about life may reflect long you live. That’s right. New studies reveal that having a better attitude may actually help you live longer. Article: Are you an optimistic person by nature, or a “Debbie-downer?” If you chose the latter, then it’s time to lighten “up.” Science now reveals that adopting a positive outlook can bring-about some awesome life changes. Apart from feeling happier, less stressed and more motivated, being positive may actually help you live longer. Being happy keeps you healthy Being optimistic can do more than just help you get through rough patches. It may actually increase your life span. In a recent Harvard University study, women who had an optimistic outlook were less likely to die from conditions that included top killers like cardiovascular disease, cancer and infection. The study published in
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